Ed Clark Photography's Copyright Notice

Copyright Notification


Thank you for your portrait purchase at Ed Clark Photography, Inc. We appreciate your trust in our photographic skills, layout and designs of your portrait book, album, image folio standard print, wall portraits and images on our web site.

Recently we have been contacted by area vendors in regards to our photography as well as other photographers work attempting to be copied. To help clarify these issues we want to provide the information needed to educate you our customers.

Under U.S. Law, photographic images produced by a studio are copyright protected. It is illegal to copy, reproduce, or alter any professional portrait from this or any other portrait studio for any use without written permission from the photographer.

Please feel free to contact us in regards to additional prints or enlargements of any image created by our studio. We are always willing to accommodate any reasonable requests from our customers in regards to a large quantity of images or permission to put an image on a shirt, coffee mug, calendar or even screen savers on a computer or other electronic usage. This also includes copying an image for Christmas Cards, etc. We offer Cards as well as volume pricing on cards.

Help us keep down copyright infringement for those of us who produce quality portraiture for you, our valued customers, and maintain the honesty with those who have purchased our products. This is our livelihood and profession worthy of hire.

Help protect those of us who work in the photographic profession to continue to provide the quality of photography and service to you our customers.

Informing and educating the public is the best way to avoid copyright infringement and avoid any legal issues. Besides all of the obvious reasons not to copy or reproduce the purchased images of photographers………………………..

It’s just the right thing to do.

Thank you for reading this disclaimer. We appreciate your business.

Ed Clark Photography-Photography for life


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